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William Walker - Son of William in this dedicationWhen we first launched this site in 2004 it was dedicated to William Walker and his wife Isabella (nee Otter) who came to Australia on the “Catherine” in 1851. I have since discovered that most of William’s siblings also came to South Australia.

My research to date has revealed that William had one sister, Susannah who stayed in England and four brothers, who all came to South Australia. Susannah married William Penney and I can find no record of them after the 1861 UK census. Thomas & his wife Charlotte and their youngest brother, George accompanied William & Isabella on the “Catherine”.

John, his wife Elizabeth (nee Cole) and their children Susanna & George followed on the “Lord Raglan” in 1856. George returned to Lincolnshire bringing his bride Mary Ann (nee Snarey) to South Australia aboard the “Lord Raglan” in 1856 also.

So I now revise my dedication ….

In memory of William Walker b1792 and Catherine Bonsel b1790 who did not have the luxury of family around them in old age and didn’t even meet most of their 30 odd Australian grandchildren. William predeceased Catherine who died in the Union Workhouse in Bourn, Lincolnshire in 1872 …. a lonely end for the matriarch of our family.


In order to maintain the privacy of the living, they just appear as "Private" in this site. In compliance with the South Australia Privacy Act, Birth records are not released for 75 years, Deaths 25 years and Marriages 60 years. For this reason you will note sketchy or completely absent information re some family members.

The SA Genealogy Society indexes the death records from The Advertiser annually so these are an additional source. Most SA newspapers are available on microfiche but this is a very time consuming way to research and not all Births, Deaths and Marriages appear in the news print.

If you wish to add or remove information please contact me – colleen@walkernet.info


I do my utmost to ensure all details are accurate but I feel sure you will still spot some mistakes. It is human to make mistakes and sometimes even the Parish records are not accurate. I find mistakes and anomalies often and record what is written not what I think. I name and quote the original entry and source of all information, in the Notes for each person.

Social History Family stories and social history are very easily lost in the passing of time. We all “know” about the family but taking time to write it down will ensure future generations gain a sense of their ancestor’s lives and personalities. If you have “Social History” you would like to add to this site please contact us. Without social history, Births, Deaths and Marriages can be quite uninspiring.


William, Isabella, their son Joseph and his wife Alice Edith (nee Denson) are all buried together at Redhill South Australia in virtually unmarked graves.

One of the community groups in Redhill has listed all graves in the cemetery which enabled us to find them. There are other family graves scattered in cemeteries all over South Australia. Namely West Terrace, Centennial Park, North Road, Burra, Terowie, Jamestown, Port Pirie, Whyalla, Redhill and more. You will find the place of burial in the individual notes for each person, if I have been able to locate the record.

Contacting us

An email address is included in this site to assist you in contacting us and making comments, posing questions, pointing out errors and adding information. Email me at colleen@walkernet.info


Our sincere thanks to Maurice (Son of Joseph Walker, grandson of William & Isabella) and his wife Shirley Walker, of Redhill who loaned us precious photos and allowed us to view and photograph William’s and Isabella’s bibles. (Their son, Alan Walker still farms William’s land at Redhill).

Our thanks also to Ron & Barbara (nee Walker) Bartley and Rob & Sandra Walker for allowing us to copy their family photos (included in this site).

Thank you to David Walker and his daughter Veronica for their interest in my research and encouragement to delve deeper and find that which is not immediately obvious. (Refer Luke Day and Mollie Walker nee Day).

The research is done with great enthusiasm and is available freely to inform the family. Please remember it is a work in progress and I make changes almost everyday. We will endeavour to update this site a little more regularly in future.

Colleen Walker

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