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HACK, Alfred born Cir 1833, Not Known died 7 Jun 1908, North Unley
HACK, Annie Cath (later Wegener) born Cir 1855, South Australia died Cir 1931, South Australia
HACK, Barton born Cir 1815, UK
HACK, Bedford born 10 Aug 1835, UK died 26 Apr 1912, South Australia
HACK, Charles born 30 May 1842, Echunga, South Australia died 22 Apr 1915, South Australia
HACK, Charles Edward born Cir 1854, Not Known died 5 Jul 1889, Coramandel Valley, South Australia
HACK, Charles Gerald born Cir 1874, South Australia
HACK, Clement Alfred born Cir 1877, South Australia
HACK, Daughter born Cir 1853, Not Known
HACK, Edward born Cir 1829, Chichester, Sussex, England died 25 Sep 1904, Prospect, South Australia
HACK, Emily Bbe born Cir 1871, South Australia
HACK, Ernest Barton born Cir 1867, South Australia
HACK, Frances Lucilla born Cir 1873, South Australia
HACK, Frank born 4 Dec 1843, Echunga Springs, South Australia
HACK, Freddie born Cir 1882, South Australia died Cir 1889, South Australia
HACK, George Bliss born Cir 1844, South Australia
HACK, Gulielma Magery born Cir 1867, South Australia died Cir 1951
HACK, Harold Ansell born Cir 1869, South Australia
HACK, John Barton born 18 Jul 1805, Chichester, Sussex, England died 2 Oct 1884, Semaphore, South Australia
HACK, Leonard born Cir 1876, South Australia died Cir 1912
HACK, Lionel Watson born Cir 1889, South Australia
HACK, Louisa Emily born Cir 1872, South Australia
HACK, Margaret Constance born Cir 1884, South Australia died Cir 1886, South Australia
HACK, Noel Meyrick born Cir 1881, South Australia
HACK, Ray Darton born Cir 1882, South Australia
HACK, Stella Ellie born Cir 1875, South Australia
HACK, Stephen born Cir 1790, UK
HACK, Stephen born Cir 1816, Chichester, Sussex, England
HACK, Stephen born Cir 1836, England
HACK, Theodore born 18 Nov 1840, Echunga, South Australia died 27 Dec 1902, North Unley, South Australia
HACK, Theodore Barnard born Cir 1873, South Australia
HACK, Unkown child of Stephen and Eliz Hack born By 1844, Not Known
HACK, William born Cir 1828, Sussex, England died 20 Apr 1900, Stewart Range , South Australia
HACK, Wilton born Cir 1843, Not Known died Cir 1923
HACK (LATER MALCOLM), Ethel May born Cir 1869, South Australia
HACK (LATER MARSHALL), Dulcie born Cir 1865, Not Known
HACK (LATER SKOTTOWE), Winnifred Bbe born Cir 1879, South Australia
HACKET, Elizabeth born Cir 1840, Not Known
HAMBELTON, Elizabeth born Cir 1750, Not Known
HAMMOND, Clarence born Cir 1900, Not Known
HARMSTON, Amy born Cir 1817, Horley, Surrey, England died June Qtr 1881, Surrey, England
HARRIS, Husband of Mary Ann Cornelius born Cir 1820, Not Known
HARRIS, Joseph born Cir 1861, Cornwall, England
HARRISON, Jane born Cir 1816, Radford, Nottinghamshire, England
HAWKES, Emma born Cir 1895, Not Known
HEGARTY, Harold Marsden born Cir 1888, Andels, New South Wales
HICKS, Adeline May born 1 May 1908, Broken Hill & Districts Hospital died 16 Oct 1987, Marion, South Australia
HICKS, Alfred born Cir 1880, Not Known
HILL, Abraham born Cir 1850, Not Known
HILL, Elizabeth born Cir 1874, Not Known
HINTON, Thomas born Cir 1865, Surrey, England
HINTON, Thomas G born Cir 1890, Croyden, Surrey, UK
HITCH, Mildred Avis born Cir 1902, Not Known
HITCH, Walter Charles born Cir 1880, Not Known
HOBBS, Eliza born 12 Jun 1885, Chain of Ponds, South Australia
HOBBS, Joseph B born Bef 1840, Not Known
HODGE, James born Cir 1847, Cornwall died Bef 1871, Corwall, England, UK
HOLLAND, Frances born Cir 1796, Langtoft, Lincolnshire, England died Sept Qtr 1859, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England
HOLLINGWORTH, Isabell Hannah born Cir 1859, Not Known
HOLLINGWORTH, Lewis born Cir 1830, Not Known
HOLLINGWORTH, Sarah born Cir 1750, Lincolnshire, UK
HOWISON, Agnes born 22 Sep 1829, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland died 29 Dec 1914, Eastwood, South Australia
HOWISON, David born Cir 1800, Scotland
HUDSON, Sarah born Cir 1766, Lincolnshire, UK
HUNTER, Sally Louise

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